Why People Smoke

here are a lot of things that people do that may not attract other people. Smoking is one of them, while a lot of people enjoy doing it, there are those that aren’t too fond of it. Even if they aren’t the ones smoking, the after smoke or second hand smoke can be annoying for some. Then nowadays there are people that vape which is an alternative to smoking which uses an electric cigarette. These E-cigs as they are also called usually uses a different substance different from tobacco. It is usually something like a 7.2% nicotine solution mixed into other substance. Going back to the topic of smoking, why do people do it?

Reasons why people smoke

lThere are those that find satisfaction when it comes to smoking. It provides a soothing feeling for some and it can be cooling as well. Then there are those that just love to inhale the smoke in and let it out.

lIn some cases it is like a mental state where they see smoking as being something cool. It could also be peer pressure but some people think that smoking makes them look something like a boss or something to that extent.

lThere are also those that become addicted to it overtime or during the first take. It may not taste good for some but there are those do it because they need to do so.

Just a few things to consider

lWhen you do smoke make sure you’re not bothering other people in the process. Be sure as well to do it in proper smoking areas.

lDon’t smoke too much as it can be very harmful to the human body. It can cause diseases and even some of them can be life threatening.

lThere’s nothing wrong about smoking but be sure to take care of your body.

People have different reasons for when they smoke and that’s fine as well.

@ 05:37 AM on March 01