Urine tests

Urine tests are done for some purpose or another.For medical purposes it is called urinalysis to be used to check for diseases of the kidney, liver, urinary tract infection (UTI) and many others.When there are findings that are not normal in urine, medical professionals will try to correlate it with symptoms or complaints of the person required to give a urine sample.If the findings point out to some disease, further evaluation will be needed that might need other tests.

Medical exams for employment require urinalysis.Those who want to pass the test might use a synthetic urine kit especially if they are in doubt of their fitness to work.Employers want to make sure that employees do use illegal drugs.


Some people use marijuana for medical reasons while others use it  to condition their minds.Those who are prescribed to use it for medical reasons should say outright prior to the urine test so the testing unit would know and advice the employer about it.Not sure, but there might be some countries that allow the use of marijuana for medication.The important thing in the test is that there will be no findings that will point out to some disease.

Employees who happen to have UTI can be cleared but will need to have it treated and go back to the testing unit for a follow up test.UTI is not a big thing as it can be treated easily within a week or two.

Annual physical exam (APE)

Employees are required to undergo APE.All basic medical tests will be done again that usually includes dental check up.Medical tests prior to employment usually do not include dental check up.Also those who are forty years of age and above will be required to undergo ECG.

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