The Top 3 Features Of The New Principal Garden Condominium


Prince Charles is one of the most popular locations in Singapore where people would like to live. Given the fact that the location is near the Singapore’s best network districts and easy transportation routes, lots of condominiums arise there right now. One of the newest is known as the Principal Garden brought by the UOL Group Limited and Kheng Leong Co. Pte Ltd. In order to know some of the top features of the said condominium, please continue reading more terms below.

The Top 3 Features of the New Principal Garden Condominium:

  • Pre-selling Price – you can own your unit at a much affordable price if you will buy as soon as possible because the price is marked as pre-sell thus you can save hundreds of dollars compared when you buy a unit next year or after the turnover.
  • 2 Years Turnover – you can own your unit now and in December 2019, you can enjoy your place which simply means that you just need to wait for 2 years to move in your unit.
  • Large Site Area – you can own your unit and enjoy the great amenities of the condominium as it is said that the whole area consists of 80% amenities and 20% building. You can enjoy the leisure of living in a residential area in the heart of a busy city.


Having the chance to live in a condominium in Prince Charles Crescent in Singapore is really a dream come true for anyone seeking a convenience.

@ 04:42 AM on March 21