The eTOro promo code and the company

In search for trading promo code, you probably found the social trading website eToro. If you're not familiar with it, here is some information you should know and why you must join.

Global leader

eToro has more than six million registered traders and it has spread worldwide. Its popularity has helped many people to profit that they trusted the company for years. It caters for both professionals and new traders ensuring that the traders do not lose their money more than their balance. The company has mastered the industry that's why people keep earning. More information on etoro promo code on

Secured trading company

Although the online transaction is a bit risky, it has been embraced with millennials. It's a convenient way to do business and even investing at the comfort of your home. eToro understands that you want a safe transaction so it ensures that it works with top European regulators. It means that the company is fully regulated.

If you're worried about your funds, the company ensure that it's kept safe in tier 1 European banks. And the company promises that it will never share your personal information without your consent.

Why eToro?

If you're asking why you should choose eToro, it's because of its simple platform. It has a patented CopyTrader system that allows you to access financial markets and the portfolio of other members. It allows you to lessen the trading risk like a professional. If you're a pro, your shared portfolio allows you to earn a second income. So, when you join here, you're not trading alone. You have a community that helps you profit.

Promo code

The company accepts eToro promo code available in legitimate websites. The company provides links to different websites so you can easily access it. But be sure to check reviews before using the codes to avoid being a victim of identity theft.

@ 01:59 AM on September 27