T-shirt prints

Not many people would be aware that a good number of printed t-shirts do not come from the manufacturer of t-shirts.Most t-shirt makers produce plain shirts with no print whatsoever.They do not print on them because plain t-shirts are easier sold in bulk than printed ones.There is a limited demand for one design of t-shirt print and could hardly be bought in bulk.This is where t-shirt printing comes in for those who want a specific design on shirts.

T-shirt printers like the Houston screen printing services is just one of probably thousands of printers for t-shirts.Silk screen printing has advanced so much from the days when design had to be stencil-cut manually and pressed onto silk screen.

Casual clothes

The world has preferred wearing t-shirts for as casual clothes but did not want to wear them in plain colors.Businesses started using t-shirts for promotional campaigns and made sure that whatever was printed on them would attract attention.Promotional t-shirts were like banner ads worn by people.Companies would often ask their employees to wear promotional t-shirts on days they were not required to wear uniform or corporate attire.

Companies that have a good advertising budget would not settle for simple printed shirts.They often have brainstorming on what kind of shirt with words and designs to print on them.For some, they would ask printers for samples so they can chose what would be best.

Type of print

In silk screen printing, there are many types of inks used.Aside from the standard ink, prints can also be embossed, glow in the dark and so many others that a printer can suggest.Of course pricing will be different for special inks to be used.There are inks that take long to cure or dry that will involve hours for the printer to complete an order.

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