Playing a Part in the Wedding

It is always a fun thing to go to a wedding. You get to witness two people getting together and don’t forget to get the free food after. Now if you’re a part of the wedding that is a bit different of course. You’re not just spectating from the audience as you’ll be playing a part of the wedding. You can have different roles but most people just end up being a part of the entourage.

What roles you would end up having in a wedding

We have of course the sponsors. They mostly are like the ones in charge of putting part of their money to help the couple get things rolling. They just walk down the aisle and don’t really do much.

Then we have the maid of honor and best man. They are like the best people or the second in command to the bride and groom. Make sure to look up some best man speech examples when you would need to deliver one.

Under those two are the bridesmaids and groomsmen. They basically make up the entourage and help build up the couple.

Then we have something for the kids. We have the bearer role for the boys like those that carry the ring, bible, veil and many more. The girls of course end up as flower girls for the wedding.

Just a few things to remember

In terms of wedding attires if you are a part of it, you don’t need to buy a rent one. The couple usually rents it out for the people participating so that they all look the same.

During the wedding at least in the first part, try to behave yourself and do your part. You can mellow out later during the reception.

If you are playing a part in the wedding make sure to do your best and give it your all.

@ 05:42 AM on March 19