Facial hair

Why do we have hair?It is a question that many will not be able to exactly say why because there are people who do not have them in some parts of the body and some lose them.Also, why do some people have more hair than others?It seems that people of all races differ from one another when it comes to having hair.When we talk about more facial hair, it often points to those having sideburns, moustache and beard.

Well, for those who want more hair on their face then زراعة الشعر في تركيا will be their best solution.We have to admit that there are men who look good with them and those without them.Just do not regret it when it has been transplanted.

Trimming hair

Men who are good with scissors or shaving tools might be good at trimming their beard and moustache.Those who are not should go to a barber to have them done.Men look different with all facial hair overgrown and when they are shaved off.It could depend in the country they are in.It seems that most men in the Middle East grow their beards and moustache to lengths not done by most in other countries.It could probably be due to tradition and/or religion.

Hair on the head can be lost by some of them but not the facial hair.It means that losing hair for them on their heads can be an issue but not on their face.In other countries, it can be a matter of preference for men.


When reference is given to grooming, almost always, the hair comes first.No matter how good men wear their clothes, as long as their hair is undone, they will not look good.A well groomed hair will always be done first before anything else in grooming.

@ 02:34 AM on March 23