Brand new cars

When the question is asked: Which do you prefer, a brand new or slightly used car? Obviously most would answer: a brand new car.Those who have experienced owning both new and slightly used cars, there will be some of them who would prefer slightly used cars.Brand new cars of course will have less maintenance and repair problems while used cars will have more.People who know cars quite well and know to do repairs might also go for slightly used cars.

A خرید خودرو will depend on the budget or capability of the one buying a car.If money is not an issue then most likely a person will buy a brand new car.On the other hand, if one is on a limited budget, it will surely be a used car.

Warranty of new cars

First, a brand new car has warranty and the usual is for 36,000 miles or three years whichever comes first.In short, when the car has covered 36,000 miles before three years, the warranty ends.Those hardly use their car might just reach the maximum 3 year warranty.Any part of the car that fails to function properly or gets damaged easily with normal use, it will be replaced at no charge at all.It might not be in the case of light bulbs although they should not get busted easily.

Even tires are now covered by warranty of the tire manufacturer.Corrosion of body panels is also covered because the sheet metal should not easily rust to cause holes in them.

Power train and transmission

The power train and transmission of some brand new cars have a longer warranty of ten years or 100,000 miles.That is for the original owner only.If the owner sells the car it usually goes down to five years and 60,000 miles.

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