4 Playful Places In Our Bodies To Put Love Bites (Hickies)

Lovers can be playful when they have a go at it. When playfulness or foreplay starts, lovers can’t help themselves and give each other love bites or hickies. For lovers out there, they will surely have fun placing hickies and love bites on each on the following body parts.

The Chest Area

You will never have an issue on how to get rid of a hickey  if you place it on the chest area. In fact, statistics show that the chest area is one of the most playful places lovers focuses on when it comes to loveplay.

The Neck Area

People love to put hickies on the neck area. Why? This is because the neck area is an accessible body part which lovers really love to put hickies on. In fact, it is one of the most common place on our body where hickies are placed. However, people who have hickies on the neck area are also having problems on how to remove or conceal it.

The Nape Area

Another favorite area where lovers love to put hickies on is the nape area. Just like the neck area, the nape is very accessible that is why lovers easily place love bites on them. However, the good thing aboutthe nape area is that hickies placed on them can be easily concealed if the woman has long hair.

The Thigh Area

One erogenous area where you can put a hickey is the thigh area. You won’t have a problem on how to get rid of a hickey if its placed on the thigh part.

When it comes to placing a hickey make sure that you know the different ways on how to get rid of a hickey. Knowing how to get rid of a hickey will make it more enjoyable when placing them.

@ 12:07 AM on February 27