Grants For Single Moms: Shoulder To Lean On

The cost of living in most parts of the globe is continuously rising. Many households are struggling to stretch the budget even though the husband, wife and children are all earning and contributing. Imagine how much harder it could be for single moms that have two or more kids and are the only breadwinner in the home.

In the United States, there are around twelve million households headed by single parents, eighty percent of which are single moms. And as of 2016, most of these households thrive in poverty. The comforting news is that these women do not have to carry their burdens alone. There are several federal and state Grants for single moms that they can apply for.

The good thing about these grants is that they address various aspects of the family needs. For instance, there is CHIP or Children's Health Insurance Program for uninsured kids up to 19 years old. If the mother needs financial help in pursuing a diploma, she can apply for Pell Grant or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG). She can also apply for the Federal Work-Study Program so that she can earn while studying.

Yes, it is difficult to raise the kids alone. But that does not mean that life should remain unbearable. Grants for single moms not only assist these women during the hardship but also aim to improve their lives in the future by providing opportunities for them to grow academically and professionally.

There is no guarantee that one could qualify for all the Grants for single moms that she wishes to. However, she could surely be granted at least one of these federal and state government aids, depending on her income, her goals and circumstances. That is a comfort for every single mother out there trying to make ends meet.